Flashback Friday: Happy Thanksgiving

12:37 PM

It's the final day of Thankfulness (In it's wildest form!) with The Digital Dozen!  Today's nails are also Flashback Friday nails and we're flashing WAY back to 2011!  The other day my 2011 Thanksgiving Day nail art was featured on the ABC show, The Chew, which got me thinking two things: one, how horrific my nail art and photography was three years ago, and two, how far I've come in the last three years and how far I can go in the future.  Here is the original art which aired on TV...

I mean it's decent. The clean-up isn't terrible, the art is fairly well executed.  I was still taking the pictures over my bathroom sink though and the color on this picture is just terrible!  While I still have MILES to go I'm so thankful for the past three years of blogging and for the accomplishments I've had, whether small or large. I'm thankful for the hours of fun and creative outlet it's given me, for the friends I've made, and the things it's pushed me to do in my life. Like getting my nail license and learning acrylics!  Overall it's given me a lot of joy and I'm very thankful to have stuck with it!!

Check out the other ladies art work below! :)


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  1. the original was really pretty - and your re-do is totally flawless!

  2. Woah, that nail shape <3

    I actually like looking at my old designs - cringe worthy sometimes, but so cool to see progress :)

  3. Kudos on being featured on TV; thats really cool! I can't say I like the new or the old one better; they both look cool!

  4. These are adorable! So cool to be on TV!

  5. your new nail shape really adds to this!


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