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5:00 AM

Today's Digital Dozen design is sort of two-fold.  First, it sort of subtly represents books which I LOVE and am incredibly thankful for. Not just because they allow me to escape into glorious other worlds but also because I've learned so much from them.  Books also helped me cultivate another of my loves which is writing.  I did a subtle gold line around the tips of these to play with that theme, like the gold tipped pages of children's novels.  The second is the more obvious which is family and friends and just love in general.  I've had an incredibly tough year.  Despite that I have such amazing people lifting me up and supporting me along the way.  Check out some of what the other girls are thankful for this week! 

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  1. Beautiful. The subtle gold line is perfect.

  2. this is so pretty - it really reminds me of children's books, with the gold line :)

  3. There really is nothing like a good book. Especially a gold tipped one.

  4. This is a great manicure...and your nail shape is so fab!


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