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5:00 AM

So...this mani is a bit of a fail. Lol...it didn't come out quite how I'd hope it would and then I went to bed before it was dry and got some sheet marks (HATE THAT).  It didn't last long on my nails but I may attempt it again later since I think it could've been better.  I also think that a matte finish would have helped immensely but for some reason I didn't do it.  It started as in inspiration from a dress I saw on Leighton Meester. I'm not really a fan of hers -- not that I dislike her just she's never done anything that particularly interested me-- so I'm certain she must have worn the dress to some type of event but try as I have I can't seem to find it again.  Anyway it was a silk or satin dress with a blue wavy top and a keyhole cutout and then the midsection was white with a pastel yellow trim round the bottom. The colors were outlined with black creating a really graphic effect. If I'm honest the dress was rather terrible!  The idea wasn't bad but the fabric choice was terrible.  She looked like she was wearing rumpled bed clothes.  I DID however think it would be a cute mani.  I guess my execution was as bad as the designers though!  I really wanted to use these pastel, sparkly Zoya colors but then felt I needed something less stark than a pure white to make it work together.  So I used this satin finish Revlon which needed, like, ten coats to be opaque. Then I didn't plan the waves quite right and so that was a bit of a miss.  Then when I added the shiny top coat the whole soft finish of the Revlon was totally lost. So...just wasn't what I wanted.  But I do still think the inspiration is cute.  It reminds me of ocean waves and the sun on the horizon.

Just before posting I FOUND the dress!

So it's not AWFUL but look at that puckering around the seams! Micheal Kors would have a fit!! ;)

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