Leopard Lillies...

5:00 AM

Today's design is kind of a mash-up of things.  For Valentines Day a while back I did some heart shaped leopard print and it came out super cute.  I love leopard on my nails and I think it's fun to mix it up.  However this wasn't exactly what I planned!  I thought because the print is usually sort of mis-shapen that it would come together more easily but the shape of the flowers got a bit lost. Then I top coated too early and it dragged a little in places. I'll try this again with maybe a more circular floral shape (a rose might work better) but it actually did look pretty cute on my nails. I just think it ended up reading more multi-colored leopard than floral!  Check out the other ladies art below!!

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  1. I can see the flowers and the leopard in there. Will have to try this one.

  2. Yay! Lisa Frank flowers! :) Love how they turned out!

  3. I love your concept, I basically love leopard print anything. I want to try to recreate this!

  4. This is both cute AND fierce!!! I love this mani!

  5. Leopard lilies are GENIUS! Great job!

  6. I love this mash-up - such a happy mani x


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