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Last week on a stroke of luck I managed to pick up some new Sephora Formula X colors for next to nothing.  Apparently they've changed the bottle shape again but the formula seems about the same to me.  I don't have many Sephora polishes, in the scheme of things they're no more costly than an OPI or an Essie but until recently the colors haven't been anything exciting.  At any rate at $2 each I couldn't pass them up.
This minty green one caught my eye (I'm a sucker for mints!) and I was pleasantly surprised at the two coat coverage.  I decided to add some purple chevrons to jazz it up a little!  It's sort of a spring mani for this time of year but hey, we all need a little brightness!! Here's my haul:

Most of what I found were creams which I LOVE but I have plenty of!! I snagged three sparkly Sephora by OPI colors, If You've Got it Haunt It, Spark-tacular Top Coat, and I Found a Pot of Gold (which I think is a dupe for a Jordana glitter I have).  Then I grabbed three Formula X colors, Hypochondriac, Jaded and Caddy. If you have a Big Lots near you, RUN and check out what they have! :)

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