Monster Mash

7:19 AM

It's time for another spooky design!!  Today I decided to mix up some of my favorite Halloween art for a fun skittle. You might also notice I'm rocking a new nail shape. While Halloween is the perfect time for a stiletto shape, it really just happened to be the time I decided to finally do it! When my nails get longer a square shape really doesn't work anymore. I do a lot of typing at work and the corners weaken and catch. I've gone round with great success but I wanted to try this new shape and so far I'm loving it!! Which shape do you prefer? (And as a side note my little monster nail glows in the dark)

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  1. ah, you cannot beat a monster mash!

  2. Everything cool about Halloween all in one mani!

  3. Love it! Your little monster looks a bit worried! :)

  4. These are adorable, and your nail shape is beautiful!


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