The sun sits high in a sapphire sky when my ship comes in...

5:00 AM

It's day three of the terrific two's challenge with The Digital Dozen!  Today's manicure is inspired by Sapphire, the traditional birthstone of our anniversary month, September.  I have to admit I drew a blank on this one at first and then I did some googling and came up with a whole lot of nothing!  I did find some star sapphires which I remember being sort of intrigued by in my younger days.  As luck would have it I had a magnetic polish and a magnet which emulated this quite well.  The rest of my plan got sort of abandoned when I found this STUNNING polish in my drawer.  It's Zoya Dream and what a perfect name for it!  The sparkle caught my eye a few times so I finally decided to use it but I just couldn't bring myself to cover the whole of it with the little gems so I settled for just a few down the center!  I hope you enjoy these!! Don't forget to check out the other ladies art work below!!

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