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5:00 AM

These are some fun nails I did over the weekend.  I honestly have NO idea what this stamp is meant to be but it reminds me vaguely of Star Trek and in another way of little dead fish.  In either event I had polished my nails with some bright Butter London shades and then I decided to throw some glitter on and THEN I wanted just ONE more thing to add to it.  So I chose this stamp.  I did quite like the results although the glitter sort of gets lost in the mix.  I have ordered a new, softer stamper too which is supposed to help with placement of stamps.  Hopefully it comes soon so I can try it out because it's been awhile since I've done much with stamps and I'm clearly struggling a bit! In either event I hope you like the nails! What does this pattern make YOU think of?

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  1. Cool stamp! this design is unique. and I love the color :)


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