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5:00 AM

Today's mani is one I've wanted to do for a little while but hadn't really got around to yet.  I'm working on preparing to apply for a promotion at my job and between that, planning vacations, and just life in general things have gotten so hectic that I  haven't really had much time for nails.  About two weeks or so ago my husband sweetly offered to buy me some new stamping plates and now that I've gotten them I've been itching to play with them.  So this was one of the first things I did.  It actually prompted a mail carrier to tell me it looked like I had the Declaration of Independence on  my nails and a co worker noted that it looked like I had tiny pictures on my nails! Both were male and if men are noticing my nails I'd call it a win! ;) I hope you enjoyed them as well and thanks for following along!

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  1. I love these, and you must be doing something right if guys are noticing them, haha!

  2. These are awesome! Love the added distressing, really pulls it all together and give it more substance! I need to work on my stamping and add things like that to it like that. I never remember.

  3. i love the distressing - i think that's what makes this stand out xx


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