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I can't believe summer is nearly over.  Or rather, I suppose it IS over! Today is the very first day of Autumn.  I love the cooler months but I also miss the warm weather and the swimming AND....sailing!! So today I have some sailor nails for you.  I used a decal from the Born Pretty store on my middle finger here.  I'm always concerned about water decals because in past years water decal meant floating a decal in some water, GENTLY picking it up with tweezers and praying to God it was placed correctly when it hit the nail or else it was over.  Thankfully these aren't like that at all! You just pop it on where you want it, wet the back and slide. Just like a temporary tattoo!  They're super easy to remove too. No scrubbing or soaking.  You can pick up these decals at! Don't forget you can save 10% by using the code below! :)

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