The Digital Dozen DOES....Texture!

6:00 AM

So this week the theme for The Digital Dozen is texture.  I have to admit, this week didn't really excite me. I'm just not really a texture kind of girl.  However, that's one thing I love about the group, it really challenges me to think outside my box!  My day one is a bit lame looking but in person it was rather stellar.  I had some camera and lighting issues trying to capture it but hopefully from here out my lightbox will have sorted all that! At any rate these were sort of inspired by the Disney movie, Frozen.  I used an icy holographic blue and silver and then did a silver gradient on the tips to sort of mimic the winter taking over.  The silver had holo in it too but you can't really see it here. Can't win them all though, can we? I hope you enjoy anyway!! Don't forget to check out what the other ladies came up with!!

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  1. So glad you used glitter as your texture. The sandy textured polishes can die, as far as I'm concerned! Glitter, however, will have a place in my heart forever.

  2. I love the subtle effect here - I haven't seen the movie but I appreciate the reference. :)

  3. oh pretty! i see the gradient now!

  4. I love the subtle gradient at the tips - simply beautiful!

  5. Very pretty, these colors matches perfectly together :)

  6. Really beautiful! I love how much there is going on here with the texture polishes. I bet it was stunning in person!!


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