Hole in one...

5:00 AM

It's day two of the Texture challenge with The Digital Dozen.  The Masters ended this past week and I decided to do a little homage to the game.  Don't get me wrong, I'm not a big golf fanatic, but my husband is so it seemed fun. Besides who doesn't love the perfect grass on those courses?  A little tip if you're going to do the golf ball look; choose a really opaque white.  I couldn't find my Zoya Purity, which is usually my go to white, so I had to substitute Essie Bone Chilling which I had to use FIVE coats of to get this solid coverage. Then I used my Seche and waited until it was nearly dry to press the indents in.  Unfortunately all the layers wanted to fix themselves so I had to KEEP on pressing the holes as it dried.  It actually looked quite nice in person but towards the tip you can see some issues when the pic is blown up!  I hope you enjoy these! They were super fun to do! Don't forget to check out the rest of the girls mani's below!!

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  1. Amazing idea!:) It looks so great:)

  2. Very creative! I had thought of a golf green when I had out my flocking powder too!

  3. These are awesome! My husband (also a golf fanatic) spotted these over my shoulder and was seriously impressed too :)

  4. Oh my goodness! These are so amazing! I love it!

  5. Amazing and original as always xx

  6. This is so super cute! I showed it to my husband (since he loves golf) and he asked me why I didn't think of it!


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