Lots of dots...

6:00 AM

Well there are still three days left in the Digital Dozen Red, Gold and Green challenge and I wanted to do something a little different for the next few days. I don't know about you guys but this time of year, things get HECTIC for me. This year is no better since I'm moving and changing jobs and it's just a lot at once! So for the next few days what I decided to do was do a little bit of creative skittling. My nails tend to chip in succession so as they did I just took that nail off and popped on a new design! I actually carried this out for a few more days after the challenge but the desgins after weren't so great so I've spared you the tragedy!

I started with my ring finger -- the standard accent! And then went to my pinky nail! I also made a point of using only the colors already in the manicure, plus a gold glitter which you'll see tomorrow.

I love these little sparkly dots! They're festive but not overly Christmas-y! Don't forget to check out the other girls looks!! :)

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  1. Wow, perfect dots! Love that mani:)

  2. The dots look perfect! A beautiful Manicure !

  3. I'm surprised you can find time to do your nails as it sounds like your very, very busy! They look fantastic!

  4. You really can't beat a dotticure!

  5. A good dotticure is perfect for any season, and this is completely festive!

  6. These are cute, and I love the base you chose, it's perfect!

  7. I adore dots you can never go wrong with them and they always look super cute! These are so precise and tiny - amazing job and patience :)


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