Red, Gold and Green-ish?

6:00 AM

It's day two of the Red, Gold and Green challenge with The Digital Dozen.  Today I went for kind of a unique look and decided to play with my James Bond colors. I used a magnetic one for the base and then a gorgeous red for the tips. It sort of reminds me of braided bread and berries at the holiday.  I also really like the way it changes in the light!

I matte top coated it later but I ended up hating it. It really muted the magnetic pattern, although the tip color is just stunning with a matte finish. It's like red velvet.

Check out what the other girls came up with below! I hope you enjoyed this easy and versatile holiday look!

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  1. Ooooh fun use of the magnetic shade!

  2. Bee, I love this! I reminds me of bread, too, and I am a total carbasaur during the holidays, om nom nom! Such an ingenious use of magnetic polish!

  3. Very unique spin on the challenge using the magnetic polish!

  4. Very gorgeous, love the effect of the magnetic polish.

  5. I can totally see the bread! Awesome job!

  6. You're so good with creating fabulous textures in your mani! These are so creative!

  7. Your nails look SUPER DUPER long Bee! But, I really love this too!

  8. So unique! Love the angled red tips, they look so fierce! I'm super hungry for bread now, but that's besides the point :p


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