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10:24 AM

It's the final day of Red, Gold and Green week with The Digital Dozen!  It's also the final day I'll be showing you of my skittle project! I'll definitely be trying this again but I ran out of ideas for nails after this one and what ended up the final result wasn't really so great!  Today I added a gradient nail! I added them in this direction on purpose as well! 

The ring finger is the standard accent so it sort of fit in yesterday and now today with my matching thumb, index and middle finger, I have a cocktail mani!  If you're not as opposed to going outside hte box as me you could go in any order you choose.  My index seems to chip first so that might be the way to go if your intention is to revive a dying manicure! I hope you all enjoyed this week with us! You can play along by recreating one of the designs you've seen and tagging us on Instagram or Twitter with @thedigitaldozen and #DDinspired! We may even choose one of you to be featured! :) Happy Holidays and thanks for following along!

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  1. Cocktail manicure!! Love how this came together!

  2. Very cute final look! I like the darkness of the pinkie up against the lightness of the other nails.

  3. Love that gradient! I love how it all turned out! Great job!

  4. Super cute - I forgot about the cocktail mani!

  5. so christmasy and fun! i love how the ywo design look good one next to the other


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