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7:00 AM

It's fashion week at the Digit-al Dozen! I had sort of an abundance of ideas this week but I wanted to sort of incorporate some of my favorite designers into it and so I had to really edit myself!  I really love designs which are clean and classic but also girly and modern.  One of the people who I feel really combines the two effortlessly is Christian Siriano.  I really loved him on Project Runway and since his win I've continued to follow him and am a HUGE fan of his designs.  I like that they're classy and vintage inspired but also modern and glamorous.  This nail art didn't come out precisely how I wanted it too but I think it sums up the particular look I was going for at any rate! The inspiration for the nails was this runway look:

I hope you all enjoy this week with the Digit-al Dozen! Don't forget to check out my fellow fashionista's art for today!!

Colors Used:
Zoya Carey, Dove and Pippa
Ciate Lemon Sherbert

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  1. Quirky colour scheme, love it! x

  2. I LOVE this! The colors are amazing and the watermarble is fantastic! :)

  3. I adore those colors together!! Your nails and the inspiration are both gorgeous <3

  4. Very clever, gorgeous mani :)

  5. Great interpretation of the dress... I too love Christian Siriano

  6. All you need now is to get Heidi wearing your mani!

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  8. Watermarbling is my nemesis. This was a great way to interpret this look!


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