Resort Wear

8:57 AM

So today is day three of the Digit-al Dozen's Fashion Week.  I'm back to Christian Siriano today! I actually had fully intended to do a whole week of designs based on his work but I didn't end up going that route! Still they're mostly geared in his direction! :)  These are based on his new Resort Wear collection for 2014.

I love the bright color blocking and the bold contrast with the white!  I hope you enjoyed this look for today! Don't forget to check out what some of the other ladies came up with for fashion week!

Colors Used:
 Zoya Purity and Raven 
Color Club Poptastic Collection

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  1. I would totally wear these outfits, and I love your interpretation of it!

  2. Super interpretation and awesome freehand skills!

  3. Oh this is so cool!! I love how you interpreted it it looks gorgeous on your nails... And these clothes are definitely something I would were lol!! :)

  4. Love it! Really reminds me of Nicki Minaj for some reason haha x

  5. I'm going to admit, I'm not so keen on the yellow. The pink, however, is divine!

  6. He's like some sort of designer savant! I love this mani.

  7. I really love this design, and the colors too!


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