Zoya Stevie

11:13 AM

These Zoya Summer Pixie Dust posts are going up much more slowly than I'd have liked! But it's still summer and these bad boys are still gorgeous. So here they come anyway! This one was actually my least favorite of the bunch.  There could be a number of reasons for that! It didn't seem as sparkly to me as the others and the base seems almost milky on this one. Much more opaque than jelly as the others.  It's still pretty but it's just a sort of different vibe to me and may have gone better in the first group of Pixies.  This is two coats of Stevie and you can see that it's pretty opaque!  I do like the pastel purple shade but I'm not a big purple polish lover so I doubt Stevie will see much daylight on my nails!  It also wouldn't be as easy to layer with although you could easily layer something else over it.  

Which pixie is your favorite?

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  1. It literally looks like your nails are festooned with lavender colored sanding sugar! Love this much.


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