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OK So I know that flocking is sort of a last season trend BUT I found this Ciate kit on clearance at a local beauty supply store and I fell in love with the deep blue color.  Of course I couldn't NOT try it with the accompanying flocking powder and last season or no...I'm in love. The color is deep so from afar it really doesn't look fuzzy so much as just sort of soft.  I didn't find the Ciate "crushed velvet" powder any different from any other nail grade flocking powder but I do like that I didn't have to play the "do I have a matching base color" game!  It stayed on really well too.  No chips for about five days which is practically a miracle given the way I use my hands at work!  At any rate, I hope you enjoyed these decidedly NON summer nails!! :)

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  1. Your application is perfection, but I think this would drive me crazy! Not a fan of fuzzy nails! :)

  2. I tried flocking and there are some small tricks to it like choosing the proper base color as undies. I like the look and feel of the flocked nails, but a couple of handwashes and it's all gone. Well, it still has some fuzzy but it does change it quite a bit. I tried doing some nail art with the flocking and truly it seems to be better suited for an all over flock like you have done rather than hearts like I tried.

  3. So fluffy and cute. Can't imagine it'd be practical though hehe

  4. Awesome! And now that song is stuck in my head! :)


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