Put your Dupes Up: Jawbreaker vs. Oh Splat!

8:42 PM

It's time for another edition of Dupes Up! This weeks contenders: 

Funky Fingers: Jawbreaker 
Retail Cost: $2 (or 3 for $5) 
KBShimmer: Oh Splat! 
Retail Cost: $4.50 to $8.75 

This one is a little bit different than the others because it's an indie I'm doing the dupe comparison on, and not a mainstream brand.  I got the KBShimmer from a friend awhile back and I really love it but it's a mini so I'm always worried about using it and running out!  I probably should just invest in a full sized version but when I spotted this Funky Fingers polish the other day at my Five Below I thought, why not?  I'll start by telling you that both of these are a milky white base with colored glitter. I have swatched each of them over Zoya Purity to save coats and product. Also because personally, I like the look over a stark white and wouldn't wear these on their own. The Oh! Splat! is on my middle and pinky finger and is two coats. The Jawbreaker is on the other two fingers and is one coat. 

The obvious difference here is the bar glitter which is not in the Oh Splat!  It's also pretty evident that the Jawbreaker is WAY more saturated than the Oh Splat! One coat of Jawbreaker was like a party on my nails! Two coats of the other is still a little sparse. For me though, I really prefer the more sparse look so the KBShimmer was a bit of a winner for me! 

Verdict: Close but no cigar. The Funky Fingers is far cheaper but has bar glitter and is very saturated.

Where to buy:  Funky Fingers is available at Five Below stores in certain areas of the US. KBShimmer is available at her website at KBShimmer.com.

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  1. I like the KBShimmer better as well. Looks more like a jawbreaker and doesn't have the bar glitter! :)


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