Guest Post: Purple Fairy Dust

7:17 PM

You may notice that the gorgeous nails above are not mine.  That's because today's Purple Crumpet Fairy challenge was a guest post!  I was lucky enough to snatch up Claire, one of the founders of the Purple Crumpet Fairy group!! Claire is also one of my great friends and I really admire her blog and even moreso her attitude on life!  If you get a chance PLEASE check out her amazing blog over at Purple Fairy Dust: All Things Beautiful.  I promise you will NOT regret it. Not only is it filled with great artwork, (like this!), but also it's inspirational. :)  Here is Claire's post for her nails!

"Today's Spring challenge was to do a guest post with a Spring theme.  Bee and I decided to pair up and i was so glad as she is one of my best buddies! I decided to use grey for the dull days we get here in spring and then pink for the brighter more spring sun vibe :) I wanted to do a cute mani to reflect my mood recently and I love grey and pink together. I hope you like my nails and I hope bee likes them too. Happy spring time, roll on summer :) x x "

Thanks for following!! I hope you are all having a great spring! Don't forget my Hunger Games series is starting in TWO days.  It will feature nail art inspired by each of the twelve districts as well as additional art inspired by the Capitol as well as the elusive district thirteen for a total of 14 mani's.  As an additional challenge I will be using the China Glaze color which corresponds with each district from their Colors Of the Capitol collection.  I can't wait to share it with you guys! You can catch previews of several districts on my instagram (user beejustice) or on my Facebook page!  

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  1. Claire! Your nails are amazing! Love this post XXXXOOOO

  2. I can't wait to see your Hunger Games nail art series :)

  3. i am really excited for your Hunger Games series xx

  4. cute nails....can't wait to see the Hunger Games series!!!


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