This concludes the Hunger Games...thanks for playing!

7:00 AM

Well ladies and gentlemen...that's the end of my Hunger Games series.  I hope you all enjoyed it.  As of today, I have still, rather sadly, not seen the film.  Though I've read the books many times over!  I had a lot of fun trying to represent all the districts with the China Glaze polishes.  It was really a winning collection in my book and one worth owning.  I can't wait to do more series like this!  I think my most favorite district ended up being district 10.  Yes, the cow print!! I don't know why, I've never had cow print on my nails before and for some reason it's never even occurred to me to do it.  It was fun and it turned out so cute! I may try it again in the future! I also really loved the capitol nails, because they were flashy and subtle.  I have SO many things lined up for my blog for the next two months.  Some are surprises (!) and others not so much.  In May I will begin the first part of my Rehab Your Nails series.  You guys have been asking me to do more nail care posts and I've been listening!  So the first of those will be here in May and I will round them up for you on a new tab at the top so you can always get to them easily.  I can't wait to share the tips and tricks I've learned with you. :)  If you have requests for nail care posts PLEASE don't hesitate to contact me! I'm compiling a list and will start to go through them one by one. Thanks so much for sharing my Hunger Games excitement! Which mani was your favorite? Have any of you tried to recreate any of them? I'd love to see!!

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  1. Absolutely loved your series! :( it's over! :)

    1. Onward and upward! I have some GREAT things to come!

  2. All!! This serie was awesome! <3

  3. well done - phenomenal series. I haven't read the books but i still LOVED the nail art. Very proud of you xxx

  4. I really loved your series, and I can't wait for you to do some other like it! keep the great work up! :)

  5. Definitely loved every single one of these. Super looking forward to seeing some of your nail art that doesn't orientate around THG though :)


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