Nice to Matte You

4:53 PM

I meant to keep my nail color on a little longer following the silk wrap I had to use on my thumb. I've heard horror stories about using silk wraps and I don't know if I just got lucky or if other people are just using them wrong but mine has been great. It was fairly easy to apply and I didn't have to file it too much to get it smooth. I was worried that removing polish from the nail would lift or crinkle the wrap but it didn't even phase it. So I guess I'll keep changing my polish as usual until I have a problem with it.
This is not a very summery nail! But it's been cold here recently, it's even supposed to snow this weekend (yuck!) and I wanted to use this new Zoya color I picked up. It's actually from the Winter 2009 collection but it's a beautiful color. I topped the matte base coat off with some Essie Matte About You top coat and skipped a top coat over the gold. We'll see how it stands up!
Base is Zoya Matte Velvet in Veruschka and it's topped with Orly Luxe paisleys and flowers. :)

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