Holo Govna!

4:48 PM

So my other holographic polish came today. I was a little concerned from the online swatches that it would look just like the O.P.I. DS Sapphire but when I opened the bottle I noticed it was completely different. The O.P.I. is sort of a smooth, rainbow holo effect. This looked green and there were visable chunks of glitter in the bottle. I was a bit worried that I'd like the O.P.I better and that this one would dry with a sandy texture, but it surprised me. I actually like this one much better! Even though it's clearly a glitter polish, while the other seems to have more fine, smooth shimmer, this one has a beautiful rainbow effect both indoors and out. And while the O.P.I color looks a dull grey in artificial low light, this one has a pleasant glittery green look to it. Very pleased overall! I might look into the other China Glaze Kaleidoscope colors!
Base is China Glaze Kaleidoscope Collection in He's Going in Circles. Tips are Essie Lapis of Luxury with Milani One Coat Glitter in Purple Gleam swirled over it. The flower and dots on the middle finger are O.P.I. Suede in Ink.

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