Femme Fatale

3:05 PM

Today was the release date for Britney Spears' new album, Femme Fatale. Being the HUGE Britney Spears fan I am, I couldn't NOT do a tribute on my nails! Each nail is a based on a different photo from her deluxe editions liner notes. I finally found some decent pictures of the inspirations so I've uploaded those below! Enjoy! :)

Pinky (inspired by the bathing suit in the picture on the left) is: Maybelline Express Finish in Onyx Rush with dots in Sally Hansen Xtreme White On

Ring finger (inspired by the tiles in the picture above on the right) is: Revlon Gold Get 'Em with stripes mixed from China Glaze Mega Byte and Orly Prince Charming.

Middle (inspired by the lace on the side of the picture above) is: Mix of CoverGirl Blue You and Sally Hansen Xtreme White On and konad m57 lace stamp in Revlon Midnight Affair

Index (inspired by the pattern on the sofa in the picture above) is: Essie Like Linen with one coat of Revlon Gold Get 'Em over the top. Then I mixed Orly Prince Charming and China Glaze Mega Byte and stamped on flowers from konad m2

Thumb is: Maybelline Express Finish in Onyx Rush. Painted a "BS" on with Orly Luxe.

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