Holo polish: O.P.I DS vs. China Glaze Kaleidoscope

4:58 PM

So I picked up some holographic polishes for summer over the past two weeks. These are GREAT for sunny days because your nails literally light up! They're SUPER sparkly and have a wonderful rainbow effect. Since there impossible to find in stores now, I had to go online to get some. The kind I really wanted, GOSH Holographic, was nowhere to be found, so I looked at the next best thing: O.P.I's designer series, and China Glaze's Kaleidoscope collection. I ended up with DS Sapphire and He's Going in Circles. When the O.P.I. DS Sapphire arrived I was so impressed with it. It had a smooth, very rainbow effect and it looked awesome on my nails! When the China Glaze got here I was a bit worried. As you can see in the picture (O.P.I on the left, China Glaze on the right) it looks more like a standard SUPER glitter polish than a holographic. But on your nails it's a whole different story!

The index in this picture is painted with O.P.I.'s DS Sapphire. You can already see how the bigger chunks of glitter play to the advantage of the China Glaze polish on the middle finger (the ring is O.P.I with a coat of China Glaze on top!). Smaller glitter picks up less light and therefore makes for a much less rainbowy, holographic effect on the nail. Plus the China Glaze looks super sparkly and pretty indoors, while the O.P.I, like a lot of holo's looks like a dull grey polish. The downside to both is the amount of coats it takes of these polishes to achieve full coverage. There are four coats on the O.P.I. nail and three on the China Glaze. I do like the effect of two coats of O.P.I. and a quick swipe of China Glaze on the ring finger though!! I'm glad I have both polishes but if I had to buy more I'd definitely go for the Kaleidoscope collection before I pick up any more of the D.S! Looking forward to using these with the new shatter polishes!

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