District Eight: Textiles

9:10 AM

"From the simple, lovely fabrics of the districts to the brocades favoured in the Capitol, District 8 makes it all."

District Eight's industry is textiles. In the books, Katniss describes District 8 "as an ugly, urban place stinking of industrial fumes, the people housed in run down tenements, barely a blade of grass in sight".  Obviously I'm not doing nail art based on that!  There is also mention in the books that it's a cold district and it is assumed to be a very poor one as well.  Woof and Cecelia are the known tributes though the ones who participate in Katniss's games are not named.  Other people known from the district are Twill, Bonnie, and Commander Paylor (don't worry if you've not read the books and only seen the films, these people are coming!)  The color China Glaze chose for this district was called Dress Me Up and it's a light dusty pinkish shade.  It's actually a lovely color and very flattering as well.  It again, has little to do with the district given the descriptions above BUT it was easier to work with than some of the others! I went simple one this one giving it an easy pattern so that it would resemble cloth.  The pattern was done with butterLONDON Toff.  I liked the subtle color difference and from a distance it really looked more textured than patterned which is the effect I was looking for.  Thanks for following!  

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  1. nice - so simple, but so works !!

  2. This color wasn't really my favorite but it looks lovely on you! And I love the subtle stamping you did!

  3. Pretty, perfect stamping image to tie into the book!!

  4. The subtle difference is beautiful! Love it! :)

  5. I saw this in stores the other day and skipped it because it looked more pinky than brown. Might have to go back and get it.
    Love the subtle stamping.

  6. Ahaha!! I loved your comment "I'm not doing nail art based on that!". XD
    Great representation! :D


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