District Seven: Lumber

11:00 AM

"This beautiful district is lush with trees, from which these citizens supply our lumber and paper. The people of District 7 are hardworking and down-to-earth."

District Seven's industry is lumber.  I actually LOVE the descriptions of this district in the books. We all know I'm a big tree hugger!  It's supposed to be a district lush with trees and beauty. It's also said to smell like pine.  The only mentioned tributes from this district are Johanna Mason and Blight.  I find it a bit odd that while the other districts tribute names seemed to fit their district industry this one actually had very odd names. Not Johanna of course though her last name seems more fitting to district two, but Blight. What has that got to do with lumber and trees?  Well if you were wondering too then I have the answer for you.  It's not really very pretty though.  Blight apparently is rapid and complete chlorosis and it affects plants by browning and then killing the plants.  Cheerful, no?  His parents must have really loved him.  :P  Anyway I went simple on this one.  I used Mahogany Magic by China Glaze for the base, keeping with the theme of using the district allotted polish.  Then I stamped a wood like pattern on with China Glaze Foie Gras.  It was a bit easier to see in person and I matted it the first go round but it looks much better with a shine to it!  You can click the picture and blow it up to see the pattern more accurately!  Thanks for following and I hope you're enjoying the series!

Next up is District Eight: Textiles

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  1. Wow that's so cool how it looks like a wood pattern! I wasn't able to see it until I clicked on the picture though.

    1. I agree! Love how subtle and pretty it is, but you definitely have to click thru on the picture :)

  2. Perfect for D7! The color looks great on you, too.

  3. are you going to do a round up post at the end Bee - i think that would be awesome xxx

  4. Another awesome mani! :) I agree with a round up post!


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