Cracked Up!

8:23 AM

A nice easy one today to start the week!!  I did some crackle nails awhile back with copper and a mint green polish which I LOVED.  Then I got this green polish in a clearance sale for around $1 and I decided to test it out.  The color is beautiful but it seemed super plain on my nails and even though I tried a hundred times to come up with something snazzy to put over the top, I just couldn't find anything I liked.  So I went with my old staple of,  "If you can't figure out a great art for your nails: Crackle it." And I did.  I used gold crackle this time because it had more contrast than the others. I did later use this and a similar color in lots of Christmas mani's! I guess I just got it too early in the season!  In other news, my nubbins from January are very nearly back to where they should be so when I get some free time (read as: next Sunday) I will try to get the rest of my flakie dupe posts ready to upload.  AND new mani's (which do not have ugly nubbin nails) will be showing up on my blog! :)  (My luck all my nails will now break today in class/work.)

Hope you all had a lovely relaxing weekend! Enjoy the nails and thanks for following!!

Base is: Orly Wild Wisteria 
Crackle is: China Glaze Cracked Medallion

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  1. Have you seen people use crackle polish diagonally across the top of their nail? It ends up looking really neat!


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