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This mani is one of the first I did after cutting my nails down.  I don't normally mind to have shorter nails, in fact, I normally keep mine relatively short since I use my hands a lot and it's just easier to manage.  For some reason though, I really had zero motivation to paint my nails after cutting them back this time.  But after a quick conversation with some awesome ladies in a polish group I belong to (they are my polish sisters!!) I got inspired to do these.  They're inspired by my favorite television show: LOST.  Those of you who didn't watch the show (you SHOULD), this is the Oceanic Airlines logo. It's generally on a white background but I wanted to do something that was more the color of the actual planes so that it would be similar to what the wing or the tail of the infamous 815 flight would have looked like.  I hope you guys enjoy!! Thanks for following! :)

What's your favorite television show?

Base color is: OPI Skull & Glossbones
Logo is made with: OPI Fly, Essence Gabriella, and OPI Dating A Royal

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