Tan shoes with pink shoelaces and a polka-dot hat...

3:34 PM

This week's Purple Crumpet Fairy challenge was polka-dots!  There are so many things you can do with dots which is one of the reasons I'm so in love with my dotting tools.  There is literally no end to the amount of art you can create wtih them and without much effort at all.  This is made entirely of dots!!  It doesn't scream POLKA-DOTS but I think it works!! :)  I apologize for the short post but 70 hours of work/school/clinic is killing me this week!  Next post will be better I promise!

Thanks for following!Hope you all enjoy and have a wonderful weekend!!

 Base:Essence Romeo
Flowers and dots: Essence Gabriella, and OPI Fly

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  1. So gorgeous! I love the colours you chose :-)

  2. So sweet, the grey base makes it really pop!

  3. Very pretty! I love the colors!

  4. I really like this!! I am tagging you for the 11 Questions Tag. The rules are on my page! :)

  5. This is so pretty! The colors are awesome!

  6. Such a cute manicure! Each dot looks prefect, lol... usually mine are like "freehand circles" xD

    Ive tagged youn in this post: http://www.thekeytojennasis.com/2012/01/11-questions-tag.html

    Can't wait to see what you write!

  7. This is too cute! The colors are great :)

  8. I think this is really adorable! Love the colors you chose too.


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