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7:38 PM

It's been a little while since I've had time to really do much with polish and the reason is in the picture above.  His name is Finnegan Geimhreadh (pronounced Giv-roo) and he's roughly 4 weeks old today.  He and his two sisters (both of whom were solid black) were found outside and rescued by my husband.  His sisters both went to the same home, a co-worker took them home as they were sweet as could be.  But not little Finn.  No, Finn was a scaredy cat and would hiss and scratch at anything and everything that came near him.  Once you managed to pick him up though (mostly unscathed!) he turned into a sweetheart and purred and purred!  We've been keeping him mostly in our bathroom as my two other cats are none too pleased about a new comer. Especially Aoife who is a mama's girl and gets extremely jealous if Finn is anywhere near me.  But they're coming around and we've been able to keep him out more which is good since he has a loud and chirp like cry and he does it constantly when left alone!  Now that he's able to eat solid foods (yay for no more 3AM bottle feedings!) and is litter trained we're attempting to re-home him. So I should be able to do more with my nails soon!

Bonus picture of Aoife staring Finn down as he eats! She really is a sweetheart I promise!!

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  1. Awwww. I love both of your cute kitties! *squish* <3

  2. Thanks! We actually have three right now...lol...the other one is not a big fan of pictures! :)


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