Dream a litte dream...

9:56 AM

These are some quick nails I did just before I went on holiday last week.  I wanted something that was going to be pretty and sprakly in the sunshine but nothing too crazy since I knew I'd also be hiking and climbing and stuff.  I used Zoya Dream for the base which is one of my favorite polishes. The holo glitter in this one is just too pretty. Then I did a simple silver flower over the top. What kind of nails do you go for on holiday?

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  1. Zoya Dream is such a gorgeous polish. Hope you had a great holiday. If nothing else, your nails looked good!
    Hubbie and I recently did a little road trip. I had been wearing darker fall colors for several weeks and was really burned out on them. I just wanted something sheer and unnoticeable!
    That used to astound my husband. "You have all these colors to choose from and you are wearing something you can barely see?" He does 'get', though, that 'quiet polish' time is becoming more and more what I am liking. I can't remember the last time I wore glitter. I had thought of selling them all, but will wait - I might change my mind! However, at the age of 65, I find I want more neutral polishes on. Again, though, we'll see!


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