Zoya Urban Grunge Holo's and Metallic shades

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You already saw the new Zoya Urban Grunge creme swatches and today I have the other half of the collection to show you. I was really excited to review these because the other Zoya holographic polishes I have are SO pretty.  None of the holos from Zoya are linear but they all have such depth and sparkle.  There are three holos and three metallic shades in this half of the collection.  So here we go!

First up is Ash, described by Zoya as  a vibrant cherry with a red and gold metallic shimmer. The metallics for me were super pigmented and this one was opaque in one coat. I love how bright and sparkly it is.  Don't forget to check my instagram for some video of this one as well as some matte images!

Britta is next, described by Zoya as a berry metallic with a red and purple fuchsia flash. Again this one was opaque in one coat and just LOOK at that shimmer. This one is a bit less red and a bit more pink than Ash but they're very similar otherwise. Again there are some videos and matte swatches of this one on my Instagram!

Troy was my favorite of the metallic shades. Described as a liquid pewter with a foil finish and an edgy touch of black and gold. This is another one coat one for me. I don't know why this one was my favorite but I just LOVE the depth on it. Like the others, there are matte and video of this one on my Instagram!

 Alicia is an interesting one for me. This one was quite sheer. Zoya calls her a linear holo with a touch of gold but I didn't get much of a linear effect from mine. This is three coats and it's still a touch sheer.  I love this one though because you can build it up for a nice, sparkly effect OR you can wear it with less coats for a softer look. You can also layer her over the other shades for a punch of holo. A winner in my book. Check my instagram for video of her awesome rainbow effect.

 Finley is a real stunner. This one reminds me more of polishes like Dream which is one of my most favorite Zoya shades. She's described as a deep royal purpe scattered holo and I agree with that! This is two easy coats. So gorgeous and LOOK at that shine! Video of the rainbow effect can be found on my instagram!

 Finally we have Merida. She's described as a brilliant lush evergreen scattered holo. Another really gorgeous and shiny shade. The depth on these scattered holo's is my favorite part. These will be amazing for holidays! Like the others you can check out video of the rainbow effect on my instagram plus lots more pics! :) Which Zoya shade is your favorite?

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  1. Finley and Merida are like deja vu! But I'll definately buy Finley, she's stunnng.

  2. I really love Merida and Finley. Your descriptions are spot on, Zoya scattered holos have such beautiful depth! I also know I'll be grabbing Ash, as I share part of a name with it and a one coat metallic? Amazing!


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