A tale of triangles...

9:41 AM

I'm still having tons of fun playing with my new MoYou London plates.  Even though I have a clear stamper now, it's sort of broken in a way and as a result I have to really work to use it the way I want to.  I'm still waiting for the MoYou Crystal Clear one but in the mean time I do think the one I have has improved my stamping placement and helped me to make designs SO much faster.  For this one I just did some shapes! I got bored with it about halfway through the week and I matted it to change it up which I think I preferred to the original finish.  Also I apologize for the picture quality. My computer straight died last week. Like literally DIED. I took it for repairs and they told me it was  hopeless. :( So I had to snag this one from Instagram because I hadn't yet backed up my latest batch of stuff. The good news is that my hard drive retrieval is ready to pick up so I'll have more stuff to post soon! Hope you all enjoy! :)

Products used:
China Glaze Sweet Hook
BarryM Silver Foil
MoYou London plates in Hipster 08 and Holy Shapes 19

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