Zoya Urban Grunge One Coat Cremes

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If you haven't been checking out my Instagram lately then you may not have seen these awesome Zoya one coat cremes yet.  These are from the new Urban Grunge collection which also contains six metallic/holographic colors (definitely check out the videos on my instagram for those!!).  I'm swatching in two parts, as usual! I love that Zoya is doing one coat polishes now because it cuts my mani time in half BUT that being said I didn't think that Courtney was truly a one coat polish. I had a few patchy spots on the first go.  If you tend to do very thin coats you'll still need to double up to get am opaque finish with these but a good medium coat will net you solid one coat coverage and a nice, shiny finish. So on to the swatches!!

August is a full coverage gray like a fine, expensive leather wit mid-ranged, balanced tone. My favorite of the collection.  I LOVE greys and this one is so soft and warm. I love this one for fall.

 Courtney is a deep red beet root shade with a full coverage, and smooth application. This one I had to do two coats of. But look at that shine!

Tara is a purple plum with a balanced tone between red and purple. Deeply saturated, full coverage, smooth application. Tara is a bit more purple than I could capture in my picture but she's a perfect plum tone. Another one that is absolutely perfect for fall.

 Mallory is a full bodied, Prussian blue withdeeply saturated color. Mallory was one of my most favorites from this collection!!

Noah is a mid-range taupe evenly balanced between yellow and grey, with a full coverage and smooth application.  I really love how Noah flattered my skin tone. She's a neutral but she has a nice balance so she should work great on most people.

Wyatt is a true racing green with a deep pigment, full coverage, and smooth application. Another favorite of mine! This is a perfect fall shade!  Stay tuned for the other half and be sure to check my Instagram for more pics and videos!

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  1. Beautiful colors! I even liked the creme part of the collection more!


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