The Digital Dozen DOES...Autumn!!

5:00 AM

It's time for another week with The Digital Dozen!! This week we're doing Autumn themed nails.  I was so excited about this theme and then when it crept up somehow I lost all my motivation. Then I ended up doing a bunch of looks which were sort of fails and then I had to re-do them and....well they're at least close to being wins! ;P  Here's my first look!

On Thanksgiving a few years ago I did a turkey themed look using my nails as feathers with my thumb as the turkey head.  So from that I sort of sprung up this idea to do leaves.  My nails are a perfect shape for this but the only issue for me was that it came out a bit too similar to the feathers. :/  However, there is a win in there too because I am one of those people who love holiday nail art but HATE that it really has to be removed the next day or it looks kind of dated. :/ So you can wear your turkey for a day and then swap out your thumb for a leaf and voila! Thanksgiving to fall with only two nails to change! :)  I hope you enjoy these! Don't forget to check out the other ladies art below!

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  1. I remember those nails!! :)
    And these are just as great - loved the colour transition of the leaves on each nail!

  2. Your leaves fit your nail shape so well!

  3. I am completely obsessed with these...I WILL be recreating!!

  4. These are cute! I love how your nail shape is so perfect for this design!


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