Zoya Summer Island Fun Collection

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Today I have some swatches for you of the summer Zoya collection.  As usual this is a two part collection with one set of six cremes and one set of six metallic pearl shades.  I'm swatching these in two parts for you mostly because I had different experiences with each set and I think it will be easier this way. So we'll start with the Island Fun collection which is the cremes.  I always LOVE a good Zoya creme and these are good Zoya cremes.  All of them are swatched with two coats and no top coat. Overall I felt they were a win. They dry quickly, are shiny to the finish and have great coverage.  Only complaint with this bunch is that Cecilia and Talia are MAJOR stainers.  I wore Talia with one coat of Poshe base coat and had it on only long enough for it to fully dry and be photographed and even that was enough to cause a stain.  But that being said the stains were fairly easy to remove with an oil soak so it wouldn't hinder me from wearing it again. Still, it's something to consider.  First up is Demetria....

Demetria is described as a bright, poppy red and that's pretty accurate. There's a slight orange undertone to her that makes her super flattering and not so straightforward red. 

Next up is Nana, a deep fuchsia.  I'm not crazy into pinks but I found this one to be very pretty.  It's a great, bright color for summer.

Serenity is next.  She's a nice, bright puple. Again not my favorite polish color but very flattering and great for summer.

Then we have Cecelia.  She's a GORGEOUS teal.  I did have minor staining with this one but honestly, the color is enough to make me not care. I think this was my favorite of the bunch.

Talia is up next.  This one I had pretty bad staining with. I was able to remove it with a simple oil soak but if you want to pick up this turquoise stunner; double up on base coat.

Finally we have Jace. Zoya calls this one a modern, tropical green.  I found it to be a bright but still deep apple green. I really loved the blues and greens in this collection.  I also think it will be awesome for nail art. All the colors are nicely pigmented and easy to use!  Don't forget to check back for the other half of the summer collection on Wednesday!

**These polishes were provided to me for my honest review. I have not been compensated for my opinions**

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