Zoya Summer 2015 Paradise Sun Collection

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 Today I have swatches of the other half of the Zoya summer collection today. This is the Paradise Sun collection and it's comprised of six, complementary metallic pearl shades.  While the Island Fun collection has two blue shades, this one has only one blue tone and then a white tone.  I found most of these to be very easy to work with though they are a bit on the jelly side of things finish wise. While they appear opaque in most lights, a few of them still showed nail lines in some lights.  So on we go!

First up is Aphrodite, which is the complement shade to Demetria. They are very similar in tone, both have a slight orange shift to them.  I really loved both shades but Aphrodite was a bit sheer in some lights.

Mae is next. Her complementary shade is Nana. Both are bright fuschia tones! This one was also a touch sheer in some lights. You can just see my nail lines in the photo above.

Then we have Isa. Her complementary tone is Serenity. I found Isa much deeper and slightly more blue toned than Serenity.  She's quite deep and lovely!

Then we have Oceane. Oceane is probably best mixed up with Talia!  They're both turquiose blue!  I felt this one had a much more opaque finish than the previous three.

Then we have Selene who is likely complemented by Jace.  This one was also more opaque than the others.

Here's a sunny shot to give you guys an idea of the finish. It does have a pearly look to it but it's also decidedly metallic.  I found it really interesting and different from the other Zoya colors I have. They're very shimmery!

Last we have Genesis which I REALLY wanted to love. It's such an interesting polish.  That said, I just couldn't make this one work. :( The swatch above is FOUR coats and you can still see though in spots.  I found this one oddly thick and difficult to work with.  The others were perfection so it really made me sad that this one was such a mess. I'll have to keep working with it and see if I can make it work because a metallic white is just too awesome!  Which one is your favorite?

**These polishes were provided to me for my honest review. I have not been compensated for my opinions**

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  1. I'm not a fan of this collection, but the Isa is the prettiest in my opinion


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