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9:30 AM

It's been a little while since I've done one of these; life gets hectic, ya know?  The above picture pretty much sums up my week this week. I've been epically exhausted.  Work has been hectic and now I'm on some unexpected overtime so that's made things even MORE crazy.  Oh and that's my CLEAN laundry Aoife pulled out of that basket to lay in it. Cat owner problems, right?

Apparently Friday was Chocolate Chip Cookie Day (who knew that existed?) and my office handed out cookies to celebrate.  I don't normally eat cookies but when you're working an extra long shift things happen. lol...in typical fashion though, my body decided to punish me for it about an hour later so that made for a not so great end to my week.  On the plus side...

I'll be reviewing these LOOK Nail Color polishes for you later next week.  I'm hoping for a nice one coat white. Or even better, a great white for stamping!  These colors are supposed to be designed for nail art which makes me think they'll be more opaque than your standard ones but I guess I'll let you know next week! Additionally...

I have the new Zoya's to show you!! I'm wicked excited to show those to you since I've already used them and know how great they are.  You'll see the creams first and the shimmers mid week.  In other news I'm in the process of a MAJOR house clean out.  For various reasons but mostly we're planning a major move and we need to get rid of a lot of things.  I had a StorEnvy and then they switched to a weird payment type which I didn't appreciate or care for so I closed it.  Upcoming I'll have some pictures and since I really just want this stuff GONE it will be pretty cheap. Nothing over $2.  So please check it out and help me unload. :)  Enjoy your weekend! What did you do with your week?

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