Zoya Spring 2015 Delight Collection

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Today I have the new Zoya Delight collection for Spring 2015 for you!  The collection is six colors; three creme and three colors Zoya calls metallic with turquoise flash.  I actually didn't love this collection when I first pulled them out of the box. Of course there was one that I was straight out in love with but the others I was kind of meh about. However, at the end of the day there were only two I didn't care for as much as the others.  What you see above is Lillian.  Zoya describes her as a faded aquamarine.  I did all the creme's with two coats and they all seemed to go on smoothly with good coverage.  I really love that Lillian is both bright but also soft.  It reminds me a bit of the Lime Crime collection of neon pastels.

Moving on we have Eden, a spring flower pink.  Eden has a great formula and the color is great for spring just like they say but...she's pink and that's just not my thing!  She also seemed to be the brightest color in the collection to me.  Most of the others were quite soft but this one really pops!

The last of the cremes is this gem, Tiana.  I love everything about this one. I love the name, cause...duh, princesses! I love the pistachio green color.  I love the formula. I love how great it looks with my skin tone. I'm really SWOONING over Tiana.  I added some glitter to my accent nail here and while I didn't intend to include it in the swatch picture, I somehow deleted the clean ones so you get it anyway. ;)  If you love greens or pastels this is a must have.

So now we're up to these metallic flash colors. In the bottle these do all look like they're shimmery with a blue flash. On the nail I found the flash to be much more subtle. Above we have three coats of Rayne.  She was not a favorite of mine. Don't get me wrong, the color is lovely but it's just really sheer and I hate it when you have to do a million coats.  I will say though, on the nails, the sort of patchiness you see in this photo wasn't noticeable AND she looks electric.  It's a very cool color and it almost sort of looks neon or like it's lit up.  I did try it over black since it seemed hella sheer and I thought it would be a cool look but it was too thick to look very nice that way.

Then we have Leslie, a lavender shimmer with a blue flash.  You can see the flash just very subtly on this one.  I did two coats here and the coverage was much more substantial than with Rayne.  I was worried about this one in the bottle but I love it on my nails.

Last but not least is Daisy.  She's a lemon colored shimmer with a blue flash. Again here the flash is rather subtle but in the bottle it's VERY noticeable.  I like the shimmer of it but I wouldn't call these metallic like Zoya is!  Which one is your favorite?

**These polishes were provided to me for my honest review. I have not been compensated for my opinion**

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  1. That shimmer blue was my favorite of the bunch but if I have to use a ton of coats that's a skip for me.


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