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5:00 AM

Here's a design that has stemmed from my epic binge watching of Friends on Netflix this past month.  It's so darn cold out that my motivation to be alive has dwindled to next to nothing. All I want to do is lay in my warm, cozy bed with my kitties and watch TV.  Yet sadly, I cannot.  Lol...but I did for a bit and I LOVE LOVE LOVE Friends. It's one of my favorite shows of all time and I don't even watch much TV.  While I was binging on it I noticed that there are SO many great patterns on the show and I wanted to pay a little bit of homage and do some on my nails. A common theme is how often they get coffee at the coffee house so I'm semi paying homage to that as well with this look BUT also a bit not. ;P If you already know what it is kudos to you!  It pops up A LOT throughout the seasons.  If not though, here's a little picture to help you out...

Spot the pattern?  (hint: it's Monica's MUGS!!) What's your favorite TV show?

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