Playing Catch Up: 2/14/15

12:46 PM

Hey everyone! Happy Valentines Day! Above is my fancy breakfast for today with a pink latte and heart shaped eggs! No mold on those by the way just some fancy pan work. ;P  At any rate I don't have a TON of updates this week.  I started my first week out of training on Monday and it went pretty well. I'm on a new schedule which is going to take a bit of getting used to BUT I get an hour and a half more time in my evening which I'm so excited for.  My new supervisor is a bit stiff on things though which makes my life harder at work because things have to be done at very specific times and that makes it very difficult to work efficiently but I'm sure things will iron themselves out.  

On Monday my babiest hamster Milo, died. :(  He was a little over a year old which I had been told was pretty much the norm for Robo Dwarves but now I've seen numerous things to suggest otherwise so I'm feeling extra sad knowing he could've lived much longer.  I had many Russian dwarves and LOADS of Syrians as a child but never had a dwarf live more than a year or two so I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong there BUT...he definitely didn't die from lack of food, water, warmth or love. He wasn't sick in the week prior and was up running around the night before so whatever it was it happened fast.  

I made him a nice, pretty, comfy box and we had a little funeral and buried him.  Poor thing. Then I cleaned out his cage and put it aside.  My other hamster, Remy, is a Syrian and is way too big to use the cage so even though I considered linking it up to her already tube leaden cage, there's just no way she could fit up the tiny tubes on it.  On Thursday, after staring at the empty cage for several days, my husband bought me a new hamster.  I wasn't sure I wanted one really but when we went to get one there was this super chunky little one that came right up to us.  Robo's are notoriously difficult to tame, although they do not bite like other dwarf species, so the fact she's very easy to handle already was a major plus.  

Look at her little eyelashes!  So cute. She does look similar to Milo, as all Robo's look quite similar but Milo was much thinner and had a little nick out of his left ear. I think her eyelashes are a bit longer too.  She's very sweet but it took me FOREVER to think of a name for her. We went through tons of them before landing on Athalie.  We're calling her Tillie for short.  Anyway I hope you've all had a nice week.  Does anyone have any big Valentines Day plans?

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  1. I'm sorry to hear about Milo :(

    Tillie is very cute


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