T is for Today Was A Fairytale...

10:16 AM

Since I'm a little behind on the ABC Challenge (bad me) I've got a pretty combination to show you today!  Recently I started doing events for two major nail polish brands and one of them was Deborah Lippmann.  For my very first event I decided to do this glitter gradient.  What I really love about nude gradients like this is that they basically make your nails look like they're just growing glitter!  I also love that glitter is difficult to remove and so it protects the tips if I want to leave polish on for awhile.  It's a trick I use all the time to salvage mani's with a bit of tip wear.  I also really loved the unintentional smoky effect I got from using this particular combo.  The base in Today Was A Fairytale is a little bit tinted so it created just the slightest tinge of blue-grey.  The base color is Before He Cheats. :) 

Don't forget to check out what Emma and Kerrie had for the letter "T"!

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