Bad Ass Polish Chocolate Covered Cherry

10:19 AM

Today I have another swatch of some Bad Ass Polish for you. You might remember that awhile back I reviewed a few of these, most from the "Are You Ready for Some Football Collection".  I have two more to show you this week and I could not be more excited about them!  The first one is called Chocolate Covered Cherry.  I want to remind you again that one of the great things about these polishes is the way they are packaged.  They come wrapped in felt inside of a super sturdy cardboard tube,

and then when you open the tube, you get a little thank you along with some directions on how to use the felt if you'd like for removal of the glitter polishes.  It's actually quite handy although it's not my glitter removal method of choice.

These tubes are wicked sturdy and they do an amazing job of protecting the polishes during transit to you or if you have to move them or if you're just clumsy like me and tend to drop things!! You can see how incredibly durable they are by watching this video of the creator, Amy, throwing the polish filled tubes into the air and letting them fall onto concrete!  Packaging aside these polishes are just gorgeous and complex.  The swatch above is three coats of Chocolate Covered Cherry.  It's sort of a warm brown polish with red and gold flecks throughout it.  When the sun or light hits it there is a really cool mulit colored glint to it.  I also love that these can be layered up for full coverage or they can be easily thrown over the top of another polish, so they're very versatile.  Here's a macro of the pretty sparkle!!

Just look at all those colors!!  Gorgeous, no?  I have one more of these to show you later in the week! If you'd like to check out Chocolate Covered Cherry, or any of Amy's other amazing polishes, you can visit the Bad Ass Polish's Facebook page! You can purchase Bad Ass Polish at her Etsy store.  

These polishes were sent to me for my honest review. I have not been compensated in any way for my opinion.

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  1. Love the polish! The tube is a great idea.

  2. Ughhhhh I want this polish so much! So pretty! Great swatch :D


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