You can catch me. I'm a heffalump.

4:07 PM

These nails are somewhat inspired by the Heffalump movie.  I was watching it the other day and I loved the colors of the Heffalump, Lumpy.  And since I recently got some new dotting tools, I thought I'd try to do something simple, fun, and of course, purple!!  Sorry the picture isn't the greatest.  I was out of town when I did this mani so I had to make due with what lighting I had!  

Base is: OPI Rumple's Wiggin.  Tips are OPI Planks A lot.  Dotted the opposite colors on with a dotting tool!  Enjoy!

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  1. this is so cute!I loved the heffalump movie hehe

    shel xx

  2. Thanks! I love the Heffalump movie as well. Lucky I have a 5 year old niece I can use as an excuse to watch it! :P


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