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It's that time again!  The end of summer is quickly approaching and that means new Fall collections and clearance summer collections (in some cases!) so I've been polish hauling like crazy recently.  I also recently started hitting up UK friends for polish and swapping with people all over to get some new, interesting colors to add to my collection.  This is some of what I've picked up over the last week or so.  I still have about 8 polishes in the mail so I'll get some pics of those as they arrive! :)  Also, you'd think with all the polish hauling being done over a week that I'd know what I've bought...but somehow I ended up with TWO China Glaze Latticed Lilacs!! So I guess I'll be returning one (which means swapping for something else :P)

Nicole by OPI Dandy Lion, OPI Scare 'Em set (Zom-body to Love & Black Shatter) and Nicole by OPI Sea How Far You Go

I picked up the Nicole by OPI's at two different Target stores.  I think Dandy Lion is a Target exclusive color.  It's the only of these I've tried so far! I found the Scare 'Em set at Ulta.  I tested it out and the green is crazy awesome! Plus the glow effect with the shatter is just insane in the dark!  I also love the name, reminds me of a Justin Bieber song.  Now if only Halloween would hurry up and get here!!

Left to right: Bam Blue-zled, Snow White, Smoke Screen, and Chic Peek
I picked these up at Ulta (duh) and I actually ended up getting all of them for free with my Ulta Rewards points.  I've never used Ulta brand polish before and I was fairly dissapointed with it.  I probably wouldn't buy anymore (but who can pass up free?).  I swatched all of these but the white and they all took at least three coats in order to see the color and you could still see VNL (visable nail lines) on the two blues.  I was a little concerned as well when I picked them up in the store that the Smoke Screen would mimic Zoya Caitlin but I'm pleased to say that the two are FAR different. 

China Glaze R to L: Dorothy Who, Electric Pinapple, Blue Iguana, Papaya Punch, Senortia Bonita, and Cha Cha Cha
These were actually a lucrative haul.  I got them all on clearance save for the Dorothy Who? which is ALWAYS out of stock at Sally's.  But it happened to be on sale so I saved on it as well.  Picked up the others at a place called Flower Factory and paid around 2.50 for them.  I haven't gotten around to using or swatching them but the Dorothy Who? is incredible!  And the Blue Iguana has a nice foil like effect on the nail. :)

China Glaze Metallic Crackes L to R: Oxidized Aqua, Haute Metal, Tarnished Gold, Cracked Medallion, and Latticed Lilac

No special deals on this one, just a husband who loves me. :)  Skipped the silver one since I have Silver Shatter already.  I wasn't too impressed with these.  I used the pink one on my toes and it didn't seem to shatter very well or have a very impressive effect.  But as with all shatter/crackle polish, it's an art to get it to come out properly.  So I'll reserve judgement until I've had the opportunity to try them again!

L to R: Megan Miller Collection in Velvet Lounge, butterLONDON in Muggins, A-England in Galahad and Tristam and Deborah Lippmann in Glitter in the Air

These are sort of random and they came from trades, online orders, and various other places!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE the A-England colors and will definitely get more at some point.  I have a blog planned to talk about them but they're one coat to opacity and lasted THREE days with no chips and no topcoat (which is a record on my nails!).  The Lippmann glitter was a bit of a letdown for me and I've noticed that I get that feeling a lot with her polish line so this will probably be the last of them for me (at least for awhile).  On it's own it's 5 or 6 coats for any kind of effect and if I have to layer it then it loses it's "glitter sandwich" effect.  The Megan Miller Collection is a vegan, organic and earth friendly line available at MeganMillerCollection.com and select Anthropolgie stores.  I love the packaging but the price ($14) and quality left a little to be desired.  It is GREAT for stamping though. 

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