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OK so a lot of you have been asking me to post more hauls and to post pictures of my stash.  I'll be honest and say I don't really haul polishes much.  I do buy them here and there but when I do it's normally one or two at a time and even that has been few and far between recently.  I'm just not super impressed with the newer collections and most of the time, I find I already have something similar in my collection.  I'm also trying to work through a whole TON of untrieds.  I haven't counted them and really...I'm almost afraid to do it!  But I CAN post stash pics.  I need to clean out my polishes anyway since for a long time I didn't have the time or inclination to organize them properly and as a result there are polishes all over my house and piled all over my nail table in boxes. :/  I doubt that's helping my untried count!! So...we'll go through them together, shall we?  I'm starting with my OPI's because I hardly use them so they're pretty organized as it also because I feel I may have the least amount of them.  And without futher a do....this is my OPI drawer:

OPI is a brand I really don't like to support.  For one thing, they're very back and forth on whether or not they test on animals.  As someone who tries very hard to lead a vegan lifestyle (or at least as cruelty free as I can!) this is a major turnoff.  Aside from that is the formula issues they seem to have.  One bottle of a polish can look completely different by the time the next batch of it hits stores.  I find that my OPI's thicken up long before my other brands and the glitters are really bad about 'banding' around the bottles.  Therefore, most of what I own from OPI is celebrity endorsed colors, cram packed glitters, and shatters.  

We'll start with the shatters:

I can't be certain, but I think the only shatters I'm missing are white, pink and gold.  At any rate I skipped all the ones I already had from China Glaze.  From the top left we have: Shatter the Scales, Black, Navy, and Super Bass.  Bottom row from left is: Red, Blue, Turquoise, and Silver.

Next up we'll do the special polishes.  These are DS polishes and Suede's (I forgot to photograph one suede with this group so it's in with the regulars. Doh.)

Again from the top left we have: DS Sapphire, Temptation, and Passion.  The bottom row from left is OPI Suede Suzi Ski's in the Pyrenees, Russian Navy and Zom-body to Love

What's up next? My personal favorites...the glitters....

I'm not going to name these all out individually because it's a lot! The top row is the complete Burlesque collection.  The second row from left is: Absolutely Alice, Divine Swine, Metallic 4 Life, Save Me, Rainbow Connection, and Fresh Frog of Bel Air.  The last row is Teenage Dream, Last Friday Night, Excuse Moi, Gone Gonzo, Servin' Up Sparkle, and Nothin' Mousie About It.

And now we're onto just regular colors:

Again, I'm not going to list out all the names of these because there are just a lot of them! If there are particular colors you're interested in the name of I'm happy to investigate them for you though! A lot of these are Pirates of the Caribbean colors (I have the entire collection), Muppet's Colors (just missing two), Katy Perry (complete), Nikki Minaj (missing two), and Hollands.  There are of course, other things mixed in though! If you look at the bottom row second polish from left (with the suede cap!) you'll see the other suede OPI I have.  It's Ink.  So the only thing I have left to show you now are my OPI for's.  Lol...OPI for Sephora and OPI for your budget...otherwise known as Nicole by OPI. :P  These no longer fit into my OPI drawer so I'll have to relocate them at some point but for now they're chilling in a box on my desk.

These I will name since there aren't that many and nearly all of them are Justin Bieber colors. The top row are my Sephora by OPI colors.  From the left is: Sparkling Personality, Rumba Romance, Leaf Him at the Altar, and My Personal Serpent.  The middle row from left is: Lemon Lime Twist, Give Me the First Dance, Step 2 The Beat of My Heart, Prized Possession Purple, and Me + Blue. The bottom row is OMB!, My Lifesaver and Dandelion. 

So there you have it! My OPI collection.  Excluding OPI for's I count 74 OPI polishes. Geez...more than I thought! :/

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  1. I love stash posts!! :D Gorgeous collection (I don't have any of the Pirates ones, boohoo!! :'()

  2. Oooh! So many pretties! Love stash posts! :)

  3. I love seeing other peoples' collections. Mine is quite big, now, too. Though, I don't think, that big. Maybe though. But I always want MORE. XD

  4. you have so many polish O_O

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  5. Wow so many OPI!
    I only have like one regular one and one holland collection, this because they're quite expensive here (€13,95)


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