Order of the Phoenix

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This series is moving right along isn't it?  Today's post is for book five in the Harry Potter series: The Order of the Phoenix.  Raise your hand if you didn't want to slap the bejeesus out of Harry while reading this book?  If anyone has their hand up: we are officially no longer friends. :P  Kidding, kidding.  But let's face it Harry turned into a self obsessed, obnoxious twat in this book. Or basically your average teenage boy. ;)   So much happened in this book and it was the first book to really make me cry.  I SOBBED like a baby when Arthur Weasley got bitten by that snake. Oh the suspense...that was so not cool J.K. Rowling.  Oh yeah, the movie? Glossed that RIGGHHHT over.  It was like...two seconds and done.  Then I cried again for the loss of Sirius.  More because of what he had become to Harry than for any other reason since his involvement in the novels, while important, was slim.  But this book provided TONS of information.  It led us to Kreacher, who showed us what House Elves were REALLY like for rich people, the introduction of the legacy of the Black family, and the house Harry would later inherit.  It also provided a rebel base and the beginning of what would later be a very important alliance.  And it sparked off another rebel base...right inside of Hogwarts! Dumbledore's Army.  Who didn't want to be a part of THAT secret club?!  I think the layman's term for what happened in this book is: Shit got real.  Real fast. The Ministry got involved at Hogwarts, Malfoy and Harry very decidedly chose sides, Harry got his first taste of love (and it was bittersweet), and we found out about that prophecy.  This book was action packed to say the least.  So the art?  For my thumb nail I chose to do the shadow of a phoenix rising through flames.  I felt it was fitting for the Order of the Phoenix and also because, well Dumbledore played an important role in this book. For the index I've chosen to do a wand tip with a patronus creeping out.  Harry's patronus plays a part in this book and plus, with a polish called Expecto Patronum, how could I resist? My middle finger is for Dolores Umbridge, the batty little professor from the Ministry who makes Harry's life a living hell.  The ring finger is the logo for Dumbledore's Army and to round things out, the pinky is the marble walls of the Ministry of Magic where Harry has several encounters during this book and where Sirius ultimately loses his life.  :(  Sad times...

Don't forget to check my fellow mischief makers, Kerrie, Emma, Abby, Julie, Debbie, and Sam's pages to see their art for this series!!

Stay tuned for tomorrow's post on book six: The Half Blood Prince
Or visit yesterday's post on: The Goblet of Fire

Thumb: China Glaze Electric Beat and Life Preserver, Revlon Black Lingerie, OPI The Show Must Go On
Index: Dollish Polish Expecto Patronum, Models Own Moody Grey, China Glaze Mahogany Magic
Middle: butterLONDON Teddy Girl and Queen Vic, Essence Mashed Berries, Orly Luxe
Ring: Revlon White on White, China Glaze Winter Berry
Pinky: Revlon Black Lingerie and White on White

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  1. I really like yours, and especially because you are so good at doing things in an abstract way. Your ministry wall is fab. Bricks elude me :(

  2. Ooh! I love your index finger! Very cool!

  3. This is great! I love all your fingers here, each one is so different! x


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