Put your Dupes Up: Fairy Dust vs. Teenage Dream

6:09 PM

It's time for another edition of Dupes Up! This weeks contenders:

Jordana: Fairy Dust
Retail Cost: $1.99 to $2.99
OPI: Teenage Dream from the now discontinued Katy Perry line
Retail Cost: $8.50

First I want to say, please excuse the 'noisy' pictures.  My camera setting got stuck and now the camera is dead so I can't retake them. :(  But the color is accurate and that's 90% of the point so I'm still going to post!  The new Jordana glitters are here (in some places) and when I saw this one I knew I had to swatch it.  I love my OPI Teenage Dream and as you can see in the pic, it's starting to get a little low. :P  I thought if they were similar then I'd have a cheap back-up since the Katy Perry colors are discontinued and are slowly dwindling from retailers.  So let's break it down, shall we?

Jordana Fairy Dust and OPI Teenage Dream

A close up of the bottles pretty much says it all.  They're both micro pink glitter with larger, round holo glitter in a clear jelly base.  I was thinking the Jordana would likely be thicker and have a sub par brush (OPI famously has wide brushes).  But that was not the case.  The Jordana brush is quite thick and I actually found it a bit easier to work with than the OPI brush.  And both formula's were a bit thicker than normal polish but not so much so that they were hard to use. 

Left to right: OPI Teenage Dream, Jordana Fairy Dust, OPI Teenage Dream, Jordana Fairy Dust. Two coats each. Artificial lighting.

There was an ice storm here last night and try as I did to take pictures outside in the natural light, all I got was flash or shadowy pics.  So this is an indoor shot.  There is definitely more pink to these in person, the glitter looks less sparse and it's sort of a foil-y pink effect with larger hex chunks in it.  Either way the fact remains that there is zero difference between these on the nail.  The coverage is the same, the color is the same, the spacing of the glitter is the same.  If I had to guess I'd say the wear time on the OPI is longer, but otherwise...exactly the same.

LtoR: Jordana Fairy Dust, OPI Teenage Dream. Artificial Light.

A macro shot of the glitter confirms it.  For some reason, on this particular nail the holo glitter in the Jordana sort of all ended up in one place near the free edge.  But the application was the same for each.  These are not like Lippmann's which require a certain touch to get the glitter to apply evenly.  It's fairly simple to get an evenly sparkly nail!  

Verdict: Dupes.  These two are the same color and density.  In my personal opinion, there is no difference between the two other than the label and the brush.
Availability:OPI Teenage Dream was part of the now discontinued Katy Perry collection.  It still has limited availability at Ulta stores and all retailers where OPI is sold nationwide. Jordana polishes can be purchased at Kmart stores nationwide and online at Jordana.com.

Thanks for following! Do you have either of these polishes?

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  1. Dang it! I JUST bought Teenage Dream haha. Oh well. I mainly bought it because of my absurd love of Katy Perry.

    1. I've had Teenage Dream awhile! lol...it's gorgeous no matter the bottle!

  2. cool post Bee- i love your Put Your Dupes Up posts, althought I had you down as someone who never bought the same thing twice xx

    1. Most of these posts are things I'm noticing as I go through and swatch all my polish! I'm working on LESS dupes. :P But some like this one are just a cheap chance at a backup of a favorite!

  3. woow, this is definatley a dupe, in fact I may prefer the jordana! I only have the mini bottle of teenage dream and try not to use because I can't find a full bottle ! I need this dupe but we don't jordana in the uk : (
    I've just found your blog and am loving going through your old posts ( beats revising ; )hehe )

  4. I had real trouble getting hold of Teenage Dream in New Zealand so I will have a look out for Fairy Dust.

  5. Thanks, bee. I was salivating over Teenage Dream, and of course you can't find it except for on the Bay of Evil (LOL). So, I just went to KMart to buy this. Your posting was so helpful to me.

  6. Thanks so much! I was late to the game with Teenage Dream, so of course it was a HTF. You broke this down perfectly. Now I have fairy dust, so all is well. Love your posts!


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